Happy Thanksgiving

By Ogey Ucheatu


It is that time of the year again when Family members gather together, Couples travel out of town, and Food is available in abundance! Although the Holiday Season brings with it festivities and good tidings, for Moms it can be a stressful time due to activities such as planning trips, shopping for our Children, cooking up a storm and hosting Family members.

Thanksgiving is truly a time of reflection and gratitude to God for the many blessings that He has bestowed upon our Families. This fundamental fact is the driving force that brings families and loved ones together in this season. The society we live in has capitalized on the holiday season as a money-making tool. Hence, we are constantly inundated with advertisements of black Friday deals and Christmas travel packages. However, as Mothers and home makers, we must filter through all the information we receive and decide on the best approach to take in this season.

Personally, the holiday season is a time whereby I take stock of the current year, and strategize for the upcoming year. It also allows me to step back from my routine tasks and bond with my family.

As we get ready for the holiday season, here are a few tips that can help us minimize stress and maximize this time with our loved ones:

  • Schedule your annual exams:As the year comes to an end and work schedules begin to slow down, it is advisable to schedule your annual physical and well woman examinations. Remember, a healthy and happy Mom/Wife is an essential ingredient for a happy home.
  • Set a shopping budget:Although the holiday deals can be extremely tempting, it is important for Moms to set a shopping budget prior to the onset of the season. This will help eliminate impulsive purchasing and enable you to enter into the new year debt-free.
  • Plan fun activities/outings with your Children:It often gets so busy with work during the year, so the holiday season is a great time to dial down and bond with your Children. Seize this opportunity by planning fun activities with your children. Get to know then on a deeper level. Ask them questions about their likes and dislikes. Find out about their strengths/gifts and most importantly, love on them this season.
  • Schedule a date night with your Spouse:Your marriage relationship is also essential. Therefore, the fire must be flamed constantly. This holiday season, make some time to connect with your husband. During your date nights, try to avoid talking about your children and truly get to know your Spouse over again.
  • Learn new Family recipes and traditions: As you host and entertain Family members and Relatives from out of town, remember to share best practices such as family recipes and traditions that have been passed down from generations. This will help strengthen the bond with your Relatives, and it will teach your Children the importance of the Family unit.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all and we hope that you totally enjoy this time of bonding with your Family! Also feel free to share with us, your fun holiday recipes and activities.



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